36 hours in Taiwan - Luxury Hotels around Taipei

by John

Papawaqa Hot Springs Resort from the river

Papawaqa Hot Springs Resort from the river

Papawaqa Hot Springs Resort from the river Part of Papawaqa public outdoor hot springs - in a rainy day The nice looking but not functional dining room Part of the room - the private hot springs is outside

Two Aussies arriving International Airport Taiwan,12 Sept. 2011. Have stayed in Taipei previously, so have seen most of the best sights. Would like to stay in comfort, a little out of the city, with delicious food, cocktails, good views and ambiance.
Being picked up at the airport would be an advantage.
Your thoughts would be appreciated.
A thought---Where would your wife like to go for a weekend out of Taipei, that is reasonably easy to get to?


Hi John,

I think the place you are looking might be Villa 32 in Beitou.
You have to consider that this resort has only 5 suites - this explain the price and the fact that you have to book in advance - they have many recurring customers. You also should bear in mind that outdoor pools are separated by gender - not everybody likes it (I do not like for sure).

I report here more as a curiosity but in Beitou there is a new luxury hotel called Kagaya.
It opened with great fanfare a few months ago.
It is run by a Japanese hot springs company and they are targeting Japanese and wealthy Taiwanese, not Chinese from Mainland China and not "big noses" (as you can see no English pages are provided in their website.
So services and amenities are typically Japanese and one of the most outstanding characteristics of this hot springs resort is the female butler wearing a kimono that personally look after each guest during all the their stay.
A taiwanese couple wrote a detailed report, unfortunately in Chinese, but with lot of pictures:
Part 1 (room)
Part 2 (food)
Part 3 (facilities)

The current fee is around 20,000-25,000 NTD - quite overpriced :))

About the weekend out of Taipei, we are from Taichung, not Taipei :)) We enjoy stay in the nature, we always had a good time in Taroko (that is not precisely easy to reach from Taipei). Recently we have been in Taian Hot Springs (Miaoli), in the new Onsen Papawaqa.

I have not written the reviews myself but I agree with many of the remarks of the first reviewer - that is that quite a few of the details are not well thought, as the nice looking but user unfriendly dining hall.

Said that, the hotel is really quite beautiful and settled in a lush natural environment. Rooms are interesting too and the beds are really good. The few pictures you can see are realistic, not a make up. This is the website of the Papawaqa. I added a few pictures taken from myself above - unfortunately the weather was rainy.

It is not so close to Taipei but it has the advantage that it costs 7,000 NTD and it is in a much better environment.

All the best!


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