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by C.K.L.

Thank you for taking the extra mile to help out in the promotion of this beautiful country.

I read somewhere recently that the Alishan mountain railway is back in operation recently. Can you tell me more about it. Like up to which point the railway will be running.

I am planning to visit Taiwan next Nov and i am gathering information so that I will have an easy trip. I am 60+ yrs and would like to have a good trip.

Thank you


Update May 7th, 2011

A fatal accident occurred in April when a falling tree hit the Alishan train and killed 5 persons. At the moment all the trains are not operational. All the line is being inspected for potential hazards.

Just two short branches of the Alishan Railway have been reopened in June 2010.
They are both in the Alishan Scenic area, that still have to be reached by road.
The reopened lines are the Zhushan branch, that is about 6 km long, and brings from Alishan Main Station to the Sunrise Observation Platform, and the even shorter Shenmu line that goes a little bit downhill from Alishan Main station.

A relatively small section of the line is open from Chiayi too.
This is the section between Chiayi and Jhuci station, that is located at the foothills. The section is about 14 km long. There are two tourist trains per day, at 9.00 AM and 2.00 PM (return 10.30 AM and 3.30 PM).

Anyway the Forestry Bureau is now in charge of the entire railway and they are working hard to reopen the whole line for the end of 2011 - if you are lucky it will be fully reopened for your travel.

The task is daunting - the line has been severely damaged by typhoon Morakot. Rumors say that at least the section between Chiayi and Fenqihu (1400 m of altitude) will be reopened for next March. That is a little bit more than half of the line.

I hope you can enjoy the full travel on the Alishan railway. The railway between Chiayi and Alishan has been one of my best experience in Taiwan so far.

Have a good trip!


Comments for Alishan Railway

Feb 23, 2012
Alishan railway reopen?

Hi, Could you kindly checking for me that the Chiayi to Alisan railway has reopened already ? I need the information to plan my Alisan trip on May 27th 2012. Thank you for your help.

Hi, unfortunately it is not open yet from Chiayi to Alishan (and is not even sure IF it will be ever opened again). Only the small Chushan section from Alishan Main Station (for viewing the sunrise) is open.

Oct 12, 2011
Alishan Railway is close (Oct 2011)
by: Luca

We just phoned to Bei Man Alishan Railway Station in Chiayi.
The lady said that all the line has been suspended.
However, there is a possibility to open the Jushan line that visitors take from Alishan Main Station to go to see the sunrise from November.
If and when in November will this section be open is still unknown.
Anyone who is interested in this service is suggested to contact the station at the end of October.

Oct 10, 2011
Alishan Railway updates
by: CG

hi, I will be traveling to Taiwan this end oct. I am wondering how can I get the updates of the operable train route by then?

Thank you.

10 OCT 2011

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