Any Trustworthy Taxi Driver in Taroko?

I am travelling with 2 elderly and a child, 5 of us in all. I read that it is possible to negotiate with a taxi driver to do a tour of the taroko region. I would like to stay at the leaders' village. the hotel has tours too but it's more expensive.
Do you know if there is any particular taxi company which is trustworthy that i can arrange for a day tour and if 4 adults and a 5 year are allowed in one taxi? Thanks for your advice in advance.


We rented a taxi two times many years ago, the first time I was in Taiwan, so I don't remember.
The first time my wife negotiated the price and it was ok, around 2000 NTD for the whole day.
The second time we went to Chingshuei cliffs and this time a different taxi driver wanted to use the meter. We realized the fare was going up quickly so we asked to go back to Hualien.

I found on the internet this contact of an English speaking taxi
driver in Hualien.

Ms Chang
Phone: 0912-522118

The customers enthusiastically recommended her service on the net

I guess this person can help to find a bigger taxi if her taxi is too
small for your group.


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