Are there cheap flights to Taipei?

Yes, definitively! Find here about budget flights to Taiwan ...

Cheap flights to Taipei have been more and more available in the last few years.

Two things are happening:

  • Asia has a fast developing network of budget local airlines.
  • Taiwan has now direct flights to China.
As a result, more and more cheap airfare choices are coming out, almost every month.

Lets see the current status:

Air Asia: cheap flights to Taipei from South East Asia and Europe.

No doubts, Air Asia is growing faster than any other airline in the Asia-Pacific area.

Air Asia is a Malaysian company.

They have a very extensive network in South East Asia and, regarding Taiwan:

  • Daily flights from Kuala Lumpur to Taipei.
  • Daily flights between Kota Kinabalu (East Malaysia) and Taipei.
  • Daily flights from London Stansted to Kuala Lumpur.
  • Daily flights from Bangkok to Taipei.
So you can fly from London Stansted to Taiwan with the same budget airline, Air Asia.

It is the first budget airline - and so far the only - that connects Europe to South East Asia and Taiwan.

And, as you might know, many european low cost airlines connect virtually every city in Europe to London Stansted (just one name, Ryan Air).

Air Asia: cheap flights to TaipeiAir Asia is becoming fast the bigger player for cheap flights to Taipei - Photo by Johnleemk on Wikipedia

I flew just once with Air Asia, from Kota Kinabalu to Taipei, on January 2010. A three hours flight.

My experience was good.

Air Asia is a real, no frills, budget air carrier.

So no meals are included, seat are already assigned before the check in (but you can select your seat online) and so on ...

You have to be very careful especially if your flight date is not sure - their tickets are not refundable unless you pay for it.

Also, Air Asia main terminal in Kuala Lumpur is the relatively remote LCCT, located about 20 kms away from the main airport KLIAA.

LCCT is well connected, both with the city and the main terminal, but ... it can be annoying if you have to transfer to a different international flight.

Anyway their planes are brand new. And the seats are comfortable.

The food is rather unexpensive, I cannot remember how much I paid but it was a few dollars for a light meal. Because you pay, the food is quite good, for example much better than Malaysia Airlines on the same route from Kota Kinabalu.

Website: Air Asia

Jetstar: cheap flights to Taipei from South East Asia and Australia.

Jetstar is an Australian budget carrier.

Jetstar provides daily flights from Singapore to Taipei.

Singapore is connected to their extensive network in Australia and SE Asia

It is the cheapest choice from Australia and Singapore.

Jetstar is part of the Qantas group. Qantas, the australian national airline, has an established reputation for safety and quality.

Jetstar: cheap flights to TaipeiJetstar Plane - Photo by AirKoryoTU-204 on Wikipedia

I flew several times from Singapore to Darwin with Jetstar and I have been quite surprised by the good quality of their service.

Jetstar planes, as Air Asia, have bigger seats than many other airlines!

As an added bonus, Jetstar flights are located in the central Terminal 3 of Singapore Changi Airport, not in a remote budget terminal. It is easy to connect to/from a different flight.

Remember that, being Jetstar a budget airline, you will have to pick up your luggage in Changi - there is no transfer of your luggage to different flights/carriers.

Website: Jetstar

Direct flights from China

On December 2008, direct flights between Taiwan and China have been restablished after 50 years.

Taiwan is now closely integrated with the fastest growing transportation network in the world. The demand for flights between Taiwan and China is already huge. And so the choice.

Recently we went back to Italy for holidays. When we looked for the flights we found some interesting combinations with Air China (the mainland China carrier) trough Shanghai. There were a little bit cheaper.

Then we decided for Singapore Airlines (yes, i like Singapore Airlines). Anyway I suggest you to consider also the chinese carriers for your travel to Taiwan.

Air China: cheap flights to TaipeiAir China Plane

I know also some others low cost carriers as Cebu Pacific have flights from the Philippines to Taiwan. Silkair connected Singapore to Kaohsiung but I think now the route has been cancelled.

If you had other experiences with flights to/from Taiwan you are more than welcome to share with me.

Good luck in finding your cheap tickets to Taiwan ... please come to visit again this website for updates.

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