DIY trip to Taiwan - Toucheng Farm, Fushoushan and Taroko

by James Lim

Hiking around Taroko - Shakadang Trail

Hiking around Taroko - Shakadang Trail


Thanks for your helpful blog and willingness to share!

We will be travelling to Taiwan in December. a party of 4 adults, 4 kids - 16,15, 12 and 10 years old

1. How much does it cost to travel by taxi from the International airprot to Changan East St? approx. The hotel charges TWD 1500 per Mercedes car

2. How do I book a farm stay in Toucheng Farm and FuShouShan Farm? All the online booking are in chinese. Are there any English websites or contact I may do my booking? Would you recommend us to travel to such farms on our own by public transport eg HSR and buses?

3. Is it safe to do the easy hike at Toroko Gorge in December? foggy?

thanks in advance




Hi James,

1) The cost of the limousine seems fair to me, an ordinary taxi will cost 1200-1400 NTD from Taoyuan airport to the city center.

2) Toucheng Farm, in Yilan County, provided an english contact form here. Just ask them how to book and pay, since it seems they can communicate in English.

The indications about how to reach Toucheng Farm by public transport are here. As you can read, they can come to pick you up at the station, if arranged in advance.

Fushoushan Farm is a different matter.

First of all is more remote, up into the mountains. Second is government run. I have never lodged in that farm but I my experience those places are not so "customer satisfaction oriented". So from what I read, their food is so so and they don't provide pick up services in Lishan, the nearest village, at 4 km.

There are two bus per day from Yilan to LIshan (company: Guo Guang - National Glory) at 7:00 and 12:40. It takes 4 hrs. Only one bus a day from the west, from Taichung Railway Station (company: Fengyuan Bus) at 08:00. It will takes 6 hrs of a long winding road since he has to take the way of Hehuanshan.

And then you still have to walk for 4 kms with the luggage and 4 kids. I definitively suggest you to rent a taxi or a car to go there. Anyway Fushoushan provides an email address: I suggest to email them, they will likely pass to a member of the staff that can handle an english email.

3) The easy trails in Taroko should be ok in December. The trails are well marked and wide, people is always around, in the day. Of course you have to check the weather when you arrive. Ask the locals (hotel staff, visitor centre). Remember that dark come earlier (5 PM), everybody disappear at that time and that it can be cold, for sure it will be after sunset.

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