Franz Porcelain

by Doan Nguyen
(Chicago, IL)


I will be in Taipei for a few days in January and would like to purchase a Franz vase. Where can I find Franz porcelain for sale?


Dear Doan,

there are several Franz shops in Taipei, in all the largest department stores.

For example in Taipei 101 Mall (5th Floor), in the nearby Mitsukoshi and Sogo Department Stores in Xinyi District. And also in Mitsukoshi close the Main Taipei Railway Station.

Unfortunately Franz website is not very user friendly and I cannot copy and paste the addresses. But everybody knows these department stores (just ask your hotel).

Have a nice trip!


Comments for Franz Porcelain

Dec 15, 2011
Online Shop
by: Luca

The only online shop is this one: , but they sell only jewerly and probably ship only inside Taiwan.
You can only their showroom in Taipei, the visits are for groups.
This is the link, with the map and a phone number to call to book the visit:

Dec 12, 2011
Franz Porcelain
by: Anonymous

is it possible to visit the Franz Porcelain factory? can one buy direct from the factory via the website?

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