Hotspring Resorts that are easy to get to from Taipei Airport

I am thinking of bringing my 83 year old mother to stay at a hotspring resort. Is Wulai the easiest hotspring to get to from the International airport? Or is Guanzhiling easier?

My mum cannot walk easily due to old age and arthritis. I thought the hotsprings might help ease the pain of her arthritis. I don't think she can take the MRT. So need a recommendation as which hotsprings resort is the easiest (and reasonable price!) to get to



as you know Taiwan is not precisely "elderly-friendly". I mean, there are not (as in Europe) hot spring villages where old people can easily walk around in the parks, sit when they need to rest, etc. The only facilities you have depend on the ones provided by your hotel (so, normally, the more expensive the better).

Outside of the hotels, often, is the usual chaos of little shops and hawkers, no easy places to walk, cars and scooters everywhere.

I would exclude Guanzhiling. It is very far from Taipei, in Tainan county, and a little bit rundown.

My choices would be among these:

1) Peitou: why not? It is quite easily reachable with a taxi from Taoyuan airport. You have many choices for hotels.

2) Wulai - I think less or more is the same to go by taxi from Taoyuan airport to Peitou or Wulai.
Wulai has several places such as . But the place is really messy outside the hot springs resorts! Landis Hotel costs from 7,000 NTD upward, Spring Park Urai from 13,000 NTD up - good reviews.

3) Tienlai Resort on east Yangminshan - is more a 5 stars water amusement park - reviews.

4) Hsinchu County: this is not a hotspring but it is a very nice place indeed: The One Nanyuan - Reviews :
There is a good restaurant with creative chinese cuisine. A little bit pricey anyway

5) Taian in Miaoli County is more far and more isolated - about 1.5-2 hrs from Taoyuan airport. Facilities are newer. Different ranges of hot spring hotels from Onsen Papawaqa (reviews) to the more affordable Sunrise Spring Hotel, Cedarwood Villa (a not very positive recent review) and further down in prices to Tenglong.

A taxi from Taichung to Taoyuan Airport costs between 2,000-2,500 NTD, so to go to any of the places above should costs about the same for Taian to much less for Beitou, Wulai etc.

Many hot springs resort have of course private spa. IMHO many of those facilities are not suitable for old people because it is too difficult to go in and out of the tub. You should check them before, if you can. Also, think about a resort that has good communal public spas where you can easily help your mother.

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Dec 10, 2010
Thank you!
by: Anonymous


sorry for the delay in replying (I accidentally deleted your reply by email).

Many thanks for the detailed advice.

Best regards,

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