How to go around free & easy in Taiwan?

by Maryann

Local Bus station in Chiayi, just outside the Railway Station

Local Bus station in Chiayi, just outside the Railway Station

Local Bus station in Chiayi, just outside the Railway Station Shuttle Bus to Alishan Train to Alishan in Chiayi Railway Station Shuttle Bus to Alishan Schedule and Fare

I will going to visit Taiwan free and easy in Oct,2011 for 11 days. I plan to visit Taipei, Taichung, Chiayi and Kaohsiung. I will be staying in Taipei for 4 days and intend to stay in Chiayi Alishan for one night. I would need your kind advise on how to getting about the places. Your help are very much appreciated. Thanks


Hi Maryann,
in Taipei you can easily go around with Easy Card (500 NTD) or 1-2-3-5 Days passes (180-310-440-700 NTD).

You can reach Chiayi from Taipei or Taichung with the High Speed Railway (especially suggested from Taipei - 1.5 hrs only), the "normal" train TRA or frequent buses (I recall Hohsin or GuoGuan-National Glory buses).

If you use the HSR you have to reach Chiayi train station from the HSR station that is quite far from the city - about 20-30 minutes with a shuttle bus.

From Chiayi Railway station there are regular buses to Alishan. The bus station is the one on the right, just outside the railway station. You can see the pictures above. The last picture reports the schedule and fare for Alishan Shuttle Bus - that probably will take not less than 3 hrs.

If you are lucky, at the bus station you can be approached by taxi drivers that received a call from Alishan - in that case they will offer a very low price for a tax ride to Alishan - something as 200 NTD per person.

Inside Chiayi Railway station there is also a helpful tourist office that can offer advice, leaflets and some simple english.

It that can be that in October the whole railway line to Alishan will be open again - I don't think so honestly. In that case you can catch the train from Chiayi Railway station - platform 1 on the right of the station.

I hope it helps


Comments for How to go around free & easy in Taiwan?

Sep 02, 2011
10 days F & E in Taiwan in Dec 2011
by: Stephen Loh

Hi Friends,
I will be travelling to Taiwan with family members,6 persons in total including 1 kid 3yrs and 1 toddler 14months
our planned itinerary as follows:
9dec arr TPE 2100hrs ( 2 nights stay in taipei)
11dec dep for Kaohsiung by THSR in late am
arr Kaohsiung late pm and stay overnite
12dec dep kaohsiung for Chiayi by THSR late am
arr Chiayi stn. and take direct bus to Alisan instead of shuttle to Chiayi TRA stn
2 nights in Alisan
14dec dep Alisan-Chiayi-Hualien
2nights stay in Hualien
16dec dep Hualien-Taipei
17dec visit Hsinchu county
18dec last minute shopping bfore flying back to singapore in the evening
My request is what mode of transport I should take at each destination,a guided taxi or bus ride & which hotel to stay & whether my itinerary needs any correction Thank-you very much

May 24, 2011
11 days travel to Taiwan
by: Maryann

Hi Tommy and Luca,

Both of you are really thoughtful for giving me so much information on how to go around in Taiwan. With all the details given by both of you, I think I have more confidence to venture into Taiwan this coming Oct. Once again Thank A Million for all the help.

Dec 31, 2010
Its easy to travel around Taiwan
by: Tommy

Its easy to travel around Taiwan. You wont get lost unless you venture into the jungles. Yehliu, just get over to Keelung first (by train or by bus) and then take another bus to ChinShan. It stops at Yehliu.

There are also buses from Taipei to Chinshan that will stop at yehliu (unless you go over yangmingshan, then it wont).

To JiuFen. Again take the train or bus to Keelung and there are buses that go up that way on its way to GinGuaShih.

You can ask me questions by email. I know Taiwan pretty well. tommy525 at yahoo dot com.

Dec 29, 2010
How to go around free & easy in Taiwan?
by: Maryann

Hi Luca,

Thanks so much for your great respond and advise. You have provide me with a very helpful information on my trip to Taiwan. I was quite worry that I might get lost in Taiwan cause most of the places like Yeliu, Jiufen and etc can't be reach by train only. Thanks pal..

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