Light Taste Hakka Restaurant - Taichung

by Luca

LightTaste Hakka Restaurant - Tanzih

LightTaste Hakka Restaurant - Tanzih

LightTaste Hakka Restaurant - Tanzih Light Taste Hakka Food

Light Taste offers both traditional Hakka dishes and western food. We tried the Hakka ones.

Hakka cuisine is quite popular in Taiwan, yet is not a light one. This was the food for people used to work very hard on the mountains, so often Hakka dishes we tried in different Taichung restaurants is too salty and heavy for modern people.

This is not the case for this restaurant. Light Taste serves a few Hakka dishes that are very traditional but at the same time quite light and well balanced. Trust me, my wife is Hakka too ;-)

The menu is in English too. Tried and recommended:

  • Hakka Stewed Pork in Brown Sauce

  • Sauteed Pork with Squid

  • Braised Bean curd with Mushroom (Three Cups)

We spent about 1000 ntd (32 usd / 23 euro) for 4 people...

Light Taste is in Tanzih, a satellite town north of Taichung.

Light Taste
55, Ya Tan Rd, Section 1, Tanzih
tel: 04-25358511

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