Palio Pizzeria Italiana - Taichung

by Luca

Finally ... a true italian pizza in Taichung

Finally ... a true italian pizza in Taichung

Finally ... a true italian pizza in Taichung Italian beer Peroni Nastro Azzurro Pizzaioli with a real wood oven on the back Palio Pizzeria Italiana in Taichung

Even if I am an italian, I don't miss Italian food at all when I am in Taiwan. I just ate 5 or 6 times in Italian restaurants in Taichung, most of times in Papa Mia (that actually is a quite good Italian restaurant run by two Taiwanese ladies).

Other experiences I had in popular "italian" restaurants which are run by some expats (that are not italian at all), turned out a complete disappointment.

So here I am very happy with local and Japanese food, and I leave Italian cuisine to be enjoyed once a year when we return to my mother home :)) (yes, Italian are not so different from taiwanese :))

Anyway I was quite surprised to hear about a real Italian pizzeria (pizza restaurant) run by an Italian "pizzaiolo" (pizza cook) in Taichung, actually in Dakeng! And last Saturday (April 2011) we - my wife and me - had to try it.

The italian owner was out of Taiwan, so could not meet him. But we were still very satisfied with the pizza.

The Palio Pizzeria Italiana sports a real brick oven, where wood is fired to bake the pizza - as any italian pizzeria must have, just to start be taken seriously.

And, yes, the pizzas are true good italian pizzas, as can be eaten in a good pizzeria in the "Boot". Simple and thin, crunchy at the border.

At this point, my wife would like to say that the pizza is large and two persons can share one. As I told her, this is the normal size of an Italian pizza. After so many years she should know that Italians always eat too much.

All together you will find 8 traditonal italian flavors. A ninth flavor is the Taiwanese favorite pizza, Hawaii pizza with pineapple topping. Italian could raise eyebrows on the pineapple chunk toppings on pizza, but the restaurant owner is very smart to adapt to the local taste by offering this non-traditional italian pizza.

The Palio Pizzeria also serves a typical italian beer, Peroni "Nastro Azzurro" (Blue Ribbon). This is not one of my favorites and I believe there are better italian beers (Menabrea and Moretti just to name two). It is better than the Taiwan Beer though (that is not difficult at all :)).

The restaurant also serves a few different dishes. We tried and we liked the Soup with Leeks and Potato - that tastes quite italian and familiar to me.

As you can see from the pictures, Palio Pizzeria is a simple and convenient (and tidy) restaurant. I like that also. Pizzas range from 200 to 250 ntd.

It is quite brave to serve real italian pizza in Taichung - I hope this can be successful. I always smile when I remember a Taiwanese friend who came to visit me and she was disappointed by the Italian cuisine .. in Italy. In her own words, it did not taste as Papa Mia :))

I wish all the best to Palio Pizzeria and I will come back - not often, I am still too addicted by the local Taiwanese cuisine. But I will come back, especially to show to Taiwanese friends the real Italian pizza.

In Palio Pizzeria you can really taste a true good Italian pizza. I know by experience.

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Palio Pizzeria
410-1, Dongshan Rd. - Sect. 1
tel: 04-24390168
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Jun 20, 2011
Thank you
by: Luca

Hi Patrik,

thank you very much for your detailed review :))

I agree with you that the dough is the most important part. It depends not only from the oven but also from the skills and the ingredients.

Just a curiosity. In Italy we do not have "pepperoni" pizza. The name likely comes from a misunderstanding between the first Italian pizzaioli in US and their customers, in Italian "peperoni" just means "sweet peppers".

So you will never find a "pepperoni" pizza on an Italian menu in Italy :))

We do have "sausage" (salsiccia) pizza, and probably Palio Pizzeria have it on the menu (is not one of the most popular pizzas anyway)

Thank you again for your review!

Jun 13, 2011
Pizza crust is outstanding
by: Patrik

Live in Taipei and tried both good and many not so good pizzas for the past 15 years over here. The problem is often not the toppings but the taste of the dough and the feeling of the pizza crust.

Wonderful flavor of the dough and absolutely perfect crust (I guess because of the professional build pizza oven). This is the best pizza crust I had in Taiwan and very much like the pizzas I had during my business trips in Italy. Price is very good, almost half price from Taipei. Size is good 12' pizza that fills you up. The flavor of the pizza is not too salty like many other pizza places.

With this quality flavored crust, fresh toppings should make this pizza 5 star plus. However, they use mushroom from can and dried basil. They have however fresh basil growing outside on their veranda and they promised me to add fresh basil leaves on my next visit.

Salami is good but it can not compare to a pizza with real pepperoni.

With fresh ingrediences and a pepparoni pizza in their range, this will surely be my favorite pizza hands down.

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