Stay close enough to Taipei but in a natural area

I am travelling to Taiwan for two weeks and I would like to stay outside of taipei for the first week but close enough to get into Taipei because I am having a medical treatment there, but i would like to stay in a natural area where i don't hear many cars and can explore..any recommendations? thanks again!


I think that place can be Yangmingshan National Park.
It is a volcanic complex. It is just 1120 meters high but it is much more "mountain-like" than I thought. It is definitively a very nice place, very green (and humid!) with a lot of walks.

Some years ago we spent a few days in the Yangmingshan Landis Resort.

It is on the Yangmingshan main road but is quiet and green. It is in the lower part of Yangmingshan so you need to take a bus (or a taxi) to go uphill to the trails.

There is a shuttle bus that brings people around Yangmingshan but i don't know if it stops at the Landis hotel.

On the other side it means it is closer to Taipei (i think 20-30 minutes drive).

10 minutes walking downhill along the road you get to the Chinese Culture University area. So it means there are convenience stores, restaurants etc

The Landis Resort is quite nice, I remember the breakfast was good, the restaurant not so much (kind of "old style" Chinese cooking, salty and heavy in oil). It could be that they have changed the cook anyway :)), it was 3-4 years ago ...

Here you can find some pictures and check the current rates.

Uphill there is one more hotel: International Hotel. It is more a budget hotel.

Yangmingshan national Park website;

Best of luck!


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