Taichung restaurants we like

Taiwan food is superb and Taichung restaurants are no exception

Jaozi (Dumplings) in Jao Jan Feng Restaurant in Taichung Jaozi (Dumplings) in Jao Jan Feng Restaurant in Taichung

The following list of Taichung restaurants is a completely personal one. The list includes the restaurants we visit more often, where we like to come back again and again.

Please, enjoy!

Chinese Restaurants

Light Taste - This restaurant offers both traditional Hakka dishes and western food. We tried the Hakka ones.

Tian Tian Jian Mian - Noodles Every Day - This is one of the restaurants that are currently riding high in Taichung. They serve superb noodles in the style of Lanzhou.

Jao jan Feng - Dumplings and Xiaolongbao - By far our favorite dumplings restaurant in Taichung. Years ago I have been told the owner learned his skills in the famous Dingtaifung in Taipei.

Japanese Restaurants

Ming Garden - This japanese restaurant is hidden apart in a very quiet road very close to Taichung Harbour Road and to Mitsukoshi department store (Xin Guang San Yue).

Korean Restaurants

Samwongarden - Likely the best korean restaurant in Taichung and one of the best in all Taiwan - ask Korean expats that come here to dine even from Taipei!

Vegetarian Restaurants

Li Lai Ju - To put it simply, Li Lai Ju is among the best vegetarian restaurants in Taichung and one we wholeheartedly recommend ... we have been loyal customers for years.

Western Restaurants

Palio Pizzeria - Unbelievable! A real Italian pizza in Taichung (actually in Dakeng!). The best Italian pizza I ever ate in Taiwan!

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