Are you looking for a personal Taiwan Guide?

My own advice and recommendations about Taiwan Guides and Interpreters

Since this website starts to be followed by an increasing number of visitors, I am receiving more and more questions about traveling in Taiwan.

One of the questions is: Do you know any local Taiwan guide you can recommend?

Yes, I do, depending on your needs (and budget), I suggest two different solutions.

1) Professional Taiwan Guide

If you want to have a customized tour or you are here for business and you need somebody that can help you in meeting suppliers or buyers, you need a professional tour guide who speaks good English and has a lot of experience in working with international clients, accompanying tour groups and individuals around Taiwan.

Anton Hirte - Taiwan Tour Guide Anton Hirte - Taiwan Guide.

And, besides, he/she should have a definite passion and knowledge in doing all these things!

We know a group of certified Taiwan guides that meet all the requirements above. They are based in Taichung (this is our city, this is why we know them) but they are available for any itinerary in Taiwan.

The contact person for this group of professional guides is Anton Hirte, a talented lady who has been a tour guide since 2007. She lived in the US for 8 years but has a vast knowledge of Taiwan and has traveled extensively in Taiwan for more than 10 years with her husband who is an American. She also hosted her American friends during their visits showing them around the island of Taiwan.

Rita Lee - Taiwan Tour Guide Rita Lee - Taiwan Guide.

Anton has a remarkable experience with foreigners. She also has deep roots in Taiwan (her family runs a tea farm on the hill of Baguashan). Besides, she has a nurse certificate, a degree in Fine Art, and regularly works for exhibitions and trade fairs. She enjoys writing and does translations.

Other members of the group include Rita Lee and William Lin.

Rita is a licensed tour guide who has worked in the travel and hospitality industry for 15 years. A graduate of Fujen University in Taiwan, Rita speaks English and Japanese besides Mandarin and Taiwanese. Rita has lived in Taipei for 15 years, working for various international airlines. She is now resident in Taichung and is experienced in helping overseas visitors to enjoy the unique sights and sounds of Taiwan.

William Lin - Taiwan Tour Guide William Lin - Taiwan Guide.

William was born in 1959 and has a rich experience in working for international companies. He has been a team leader for training abroad programs and has been in charge for receiving foreign clients. A licensed tour guide and tour leader, William is also a very fit person who has run 10 marathons and countless semi-marathons.

In order to contact this Taiwan tour guides group please fill the contact form at Anton's personal blog.

2) Buddy Taiwan Guide

Taiwan government is working very hard to promote tourism in the Beautiful Island and this is an interesting (and completely free) way to have a guided tour (in English) in different locations around Taiwan.

The Tour Buddy Network is organized by the National Youth Commission together with selected universities around Taiwan to provide free tour guides on selected itineraries.

This service is especially targeted at backpackers. The tour guides are actually university student in training.

As I said the Buddy Tour Guide is completely free, except that you have to pay for your own transportation on the public buses. You have to book in advance and, for certain itineraries, the schedule is fixed.

On this webpage you can find all the informations regarding itineraries and contact details.

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