Welcome to my list of online Taiwan Resources!

I have been collecting this list of online Taiwan Resources, in english language, over the years.

I hope it can be useful to you as it is to me, I consult some of these websites every day. I believe this is a useful list of valuable English websites about Taiwan.

The words in italic are comments from me, otherwise I reported the descriptions provided on the websites themselves.


Taiwan Tour Bus: organized by the Tourism Bureau, schedules more than 30 kinds of trips which include the major scenic spots in Taiwan - probably one of the easiest way for backpackers to visit Taiwan tourist spots.

Tainan City Guide - a one-man operation and truly a work of love ...

Taiwan: The Bradt Travel Guide - from the long term resident and travel writer Steven Crook.

Wandering Taiwan: we would like to share our travel experience and passion for Taiwan.

Green Island Adventures: over the last 8 years we have grown into a foreign owned, English speaking service that helps guests from all over the world to, not only enjoy Green island, but travel and enjoy all of Taiwan and the outlying islands.

Barking Deer Adventures: an organizer of mountain hiking, mountain biking, custom tours, and boating tours, based in Tainan.


Pashan: hiking the mountains, valleys, rivers and jungles of Taiwan.

Hiking Taiwan: a guide to hiking and all things outdoors in Taiwan.

523 Mountaineering Association - the official mountaneering association.

Hiking Maps - from the Forestry Bureau.

Biking in Taiwan: a blog about biking around Taipei and Taiwan, with our bike trips, tips and info about getting around on your bicycle

Formosan Fat Tire: Formosan Fat Tire Association - Mountain Biking in Taiwan - Good website, not updated anymore but still useful.

Taiwan In Cycles: Viewing Taiwan Through A Bicycle Frame.

Taiwan Angler: Adventures of an Expat Angler in Taiwan.


The View from Taiwan: Commentary from Taichung, Taiwan - likely the most prolific blogger in Taiwan and my favourite daily reads!

David on Formosa: commentary on all things Taiwanese - Taichung, Taiwan.

The Daily Bubble Tea: now in Nantou County, Taiwan

a hungry girl's guide to taipei: a journal of finding good food and restaurants i love to eat in Taipei when I'm not in Los Angeles. looking forward to hearing from other food lovers about where your favorite places to eat are, so i can try them next!

Alive and Kicking! - Born in Taiwan, raised in America, last educated in Japan, currently a TV news reporter and anchor. Enthusiast of life, design and art.

Matt-Gibson.org: Adventure travel writing and photography by Matt Gibson.

Tea Masters Blog: Stéphane Erler, a Taiwan resident for 14 years, shares what he learned from many tea masters. Among them is Teaparker, the author of over 20 books about tea.

Hanjie's Blog: - lovely blog from Southern Taiwan.

My Several Worlds is a world travel guide with a focus on travel photography and travel information on Asian destinations, cultures and lifestyles.

Magical Taiwan: a blog from a Singaporean girl that spent 7 weeks as exchange student in Neiwan, Hakka town in Hsinchu County.


Taipei Times - close to the Democratic Progressive Party ("greens").

China Post - close to Kuomingtang ("blues").

Taiwan News - it was a good newspaper ...


Taiwan Panorama - the former Sinorama is a good and informative official publication. The hard copy can be bought in many bookshops.

Travel in Taiwan - hard to get official publication from the Tourist Bureau.

culture.tw: the Taiwan Culture Portal.


Formosa Betrayed - the famous book by George H. Kerr who witnessed the tragic events of 228 repression in 1947. The whole book on a PDF file.

How Taiwan Became Chinese: Dutch, Spanish, and Han Colonization in the Seventeenth Century - valuable history book that can be read online as well.

Introduction to Taiwan Environment - by National Taiwan University. It is a chapter of a book about Flora of Taiwan.

Snakes of Taiwan: comprehensive scientific multimedia information on all snake species native to Taiwan.

Books from Taiwan: is a family-run bookstore of general, and ecology-related books, published in Taiwan - extremely useful resource for books and maps. They provide an online shop.

Learn Chinese

Taipei Language Institute: a good private school with branches all around the island.

Learn Mandarin Chinese with CLO » Online Mandarin Course from Taiwan.

Peggy Teaches Chinese: an entertaining way to learn Chinese from a talented young Taiwanese teacher.

Very Practical Chinese: Learn to Understand, Speak, Read AND Write Mandarin! - book and audio lessons, very fresh content about real Chinese Mandarin language in Taiwan.

Tailingua: An Introduction to the Taiwanese Language.


Forumosa: Taiwan's Global Online Community - about almost everything in Taiwan.

Taiwanderful - they provide useful guides about movies etc.


Craig Ferguson Images - Taiwan based cultural photographer covering all aspects of culture from traditional practices to modern subcultures.

Taiwan Photographers: Connecting you with the best photographers in Taiwan.

Neil Wade's Photography Blog: A Blog About Taiwan, Photography and Traveling.

Taiwan Pictures Digital Archive: taipics.com is an online collection of 3400+ historical Taiwan images.

East Asia Image Collections: an open-access archive of digitized photographs, negatives, postcards, and slides of imperial Japan (1868-1945), its Asian empire (1895-1945) and occupied Japan (1947-52) - a lot of pictures about old Taiwan.


Toastmasters English Clubs in Taiwan: one of the best places to meet friendly and interesting Taiwanese. Toastmasters have also Mandarin, Taiwanese, Hakka and Japanese clubs to hone your language skills.

Information for foreigners - from the National Immigration Agency (tel: +886-800-024-111).

Central Weather Bureau - Weather forecast, including typhoons warnings.

Weather in Taiwan

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