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A cozy restaurant in Taipei Yangmingshan A cozy restaurant in Taipei Yangmingshan. The rain and the wind outside. A wonderful evening.

We want to share with you the Taiwan restaurants we like.

They are the restaurants we like to come back again and again, since they have something special ... at least for us!

It might be the outstanding quality of the food, the cozy atmosphere, the warm and smiling service or, more often, a combination of all these ingredients.

Of course many of these restaurants are in Taichung, since we live in that city.

We also want to share a number of restaurants all around Taiwan, as in Taipei, Tainan and so on.

We ate in these restaurants on our trips around the island, at least once.

And we were happy for the food or the ambience or, sometimes, just because the restaurant or the eatery was the best resource available in the area.

I am Italian and my wife is Taiwanese. So we know very well where the good Taiwan dining is.

Tasty aboriginal barbecue in Maolin Tasty aboriginal barbecue in Maolin.

Your Favorite Taiwan Restaurants Reviews Too

If you have, as us, a restaurant in Taiwan you especially like, this is your chance to share your appreciation with others. Your moment to say thank you to that restaurant.

It is easy. Just drop us a few lines.

What Is Your Favorite Taiwan Restaurant?

From eating at night markets to dining at five stars hotels, eating in Taiwan is a great experience. Where you had your great experience? What's your pick?

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Your (and Our) Favorite Taiwan Restaurants

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Palio Pizzeria Italiana - Taichung 
Even if I am an italian, I don't miss Italian food at all when I am in Taiwan. I just ate 5 or 6 times in Italian restaurants in Taichung, most of times …

Samwongarden Korean Restaurant - Taichung 
Likely the best korean restaurant in Taichung and one of the best in all Taiwan - ask Korean expats that come here to dine even from Taipei!. Samwongarden …

Li Lai Ju Vegetarian Restaurant Taichung Not rated yet
Simply said, Li Lai Ju is among the best vegetarian restaurants in Taichung and one we wholeheartedly recommend ... we have been loyal customers for years. …

Dumplings and xiaolongbao in Taichung at Jao Jan Feng Not rated yet
This is by far our favorite dumplings restaurant in Taichung. Years ago I have been told the owner learned his skills in the famous Dingtaifung in Taipei. …

Xiong Jia Pork Knuckle Restaurant - Kenting Not rated yet
This restaurant is not exactly in Kenting but close to Chechen, on the National Road N. 26, close to the river. When we were driving to Kenting my …

Tian Tian Jian Mian - Noodles Every Day - Taichung Not rated yet
This is one of the restaurants that are currently riding high in Taichung. We have come on a Monday for lunch and we had to wait for a table, if only for …

Light Taste Hakka Restaurant - Taichung Not rated yet
Light Taste offers both traditional Hakka dishes and western food. We tried the Hakka ones. Hakka cuisine is quite popular in Taiwan, yet is not a …

Ming Garden Japanese Restaurant - Taichung Not rated yet
Ming Garden japanese restaurant is hidden apart in a very quiet road very close to Taichung Harbour Road and to Mitsukoshi department store (Xin Guang …

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