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Essential Facts about Taiwan
Facts about Taiwan: Frequently Asked Questions about Taiwan and Taiwanese People

Travel to Taiwan - Taiwan Travel Experience
Practical informations for your travel to Taiwan: how to get to Taiwan, how to get around the island and more...

Taiwan Guide - Professional Interpreters and Guides
Taiwan Guide: my own advice and recommendation about professional guides-interpreters in Taiwan and volunteers buddy guides.

Taiwan Visa - who needs one
Do you need a Taiwan visa?.

Flights to Taipei - How to Get to Taiwan
Convenient flights to Taipei and Taiwan: a guide and some tips.

Cheap Flights to Taipei - How to Travel to Taiwan without Spending a Fortune
Find here about about budget flights to Taipei and Taiwan ...

Taiwan Currency
Everything you need to know about Taiwan Dollar.

Hotels in Taiwan: a guide and some advices about all kind of accommodation in Taiwan
Hotels in Taiwan - all about hotels, inns, hot springs hotels, homestays, temples and love hotels

Taiwan Tourist Information - Your Taiwan Questions
If you are looking for Taiwan tourist information, ask them here and I will try to answer.

Taiwan Resources, a very personal Taiwan Directory
Here are my Taiwan resources, a list of useful links I use everyday.

Temperature in Taiwan
I would like to know what is the temperature in Taiwan on January?

Weather in Taipei
How's the weather in Taipei during September and October?


Taipei Travel Guide - the Capital of Taiwan
Taipei Travel Guide: Things to see and things to do in the Capital of Taiwan.

Peitou - hot springs and old Japanese charm in Taipei
A guide about Peitou (Beitou) hot springs in Taipei.

Hotspring Resorts that are easy to get to from Taipei Airport
I am thinking of bringing my 83 year old mother to stay at a hotspring resort. Is Wulai the easiest hotspring to get to from the International airport ...

Stay close enough to Taipei but in a natural area
I am travelling to Taiwan for two weeks and I would like to stay outside of taipei for the first week but close enough to get into Taipei because I am ...

36 hours in Taiwan - Luxury Hotels around Taipei
Hi, Two Aussies arriving International Airport Taiwan,12 Sept. 2011. Have stayed in Taipei previously, so have seen most of the best sights.

Budget Tour of Taipei
We are 5 females travelling to Taipei on October 20 to 25, 2011 on a budget. We would like to visit some temples, museums and of course have ...

Taichung (Taizhong), capital of taiwanese tea houses and home of a hi-tech science park.
Taichung, with one million inhabitants, is the third largest city in the island. Though off the beaten path, Taichung offers some real treasures …

The best chinese tea houses in Taichung, Taiwan.
Taichung's chinese tea houses are famous. Lets enjoy the best ones.

Chung Tai Chan Monastery in Puli: the Enlightenment and the Glory
Chung Tai Chan Monastery is one of the most fascinating places in Taiwan. Grand and imposing, it makes you think about ...

Lukang - Travel Guide to a Forgotten City in Central Taiwan
Nowadays a sleeping little city, Lukang was one of the most important ports in Taiwan at the time of the Qing Dynasty. Lukang has kept ...

TRA from Taipei to Chiayi
Hi, i plan to go to Alishan via the TRA instead of the HSR. I would like to know what is the ticket price for Tze Chiang Limited Express Train ...

Alishan Railway
Thank you for taking the extra mile to help out in the promotion of this beautiful country. I read somewhere recently that the Alishan mountain ...

Tainan, Taiwan ... is it a mispelling?
No, it is not! Don't miss Tainan! Chinese temples full of life and delicious food are the highlights of the ancient capital of Taiwan.

Paper umbrella - the treasure of Meinong
Things to know about Meinong paper umbrella.

Kenting, what a surprise!
Kenting, the Tropical Land's End of Taiwan, is truly full of discoveries.

Kenting Hotels - our firsthand experience
Personal reviews and photos of Kenting hotels.

Taroko Gorge, the most beautiful place of all Taiwan
Taroko, in the local aboriginal language, means "magnificent and beautiful". And truly Taroko Gorge is a splendid place with massive marble ...

Taroko National Park: the easy trails not to be missed!
Taroko National Park is one of the largest in Taiwan. Here are some of the easiest trails I recommend in order to enjoy this superb National Park.

Taroko Gorge Hotels - our firsthand experience about accommodations in Taroko
There are only a few Taroko Gorge hotels, so the choice is quite easy. Here's our experience ...

Any Trustworthy Taxi Driver in Taroko?
I am travelling with 2 elderly and a child, 5 of us in all. I read that it is possible to negotiate with a taxi driver to do a tour ...

DIY trip to Taiwan - Toucheng Farm, Fushoushan and Taroko
How do I book a farm stay in Toucheng Farm and FuShouShan Farm? All the online booking are in chinese.

Hehuanshan by bus from the west
Any information for reaching Hehuanshan from the west? Is public bus available? Answer Hi Amy, we have a friend that works in that area ...

Hualien to Tainan
Hi, my family of 5 will be in Taiwan in Dec and we would like to travel to Tainan from Hualien via hwy 9 or 11 (hope to get a driver). Any idea how long ...

Love Hotels in Taiwan - Do You Want to See How They Look Like?
Have you ever heard about love hotels in Japan and Taiwan? Are you curious and want to see how they look like? Here's one here in Taiwan.

How to go around free & easy in Taiwan?
I will going to visit Taiwan free and easy in Oct,2011 for 11 days. I plan to visit Taipei, Taichung, Chiayi and Kaohsiung. I will be staying in ...

Things to do in Taiwan in December
Is the public spa in Peitou open also? What best to do and see during winter times? Any Christmas celebration in Taiwan?


Aborigine people of Taiwan - the natives of Formosa
Aborigine people have inhabited Taiwan for thousands of years before the arrival of Chinese settlers. They are the First Nations of Taiwan.

Taiwan Flag - the History of Taiwan in 13 Flags
What is the Taiwan Flag? The different incredible flags that have flown in Taiwan over the centuries tell a fascinating and complex history ...

Chinese Symbols for Words: the Chinese Characters.
Chinese Symbols for Words - An Introduction to Chinese Characters with Meanings and Pictures

Chinese Symbol for Love
Chinese Symbol for Love: Description and 6 Different Pictures of the Character

Chinese Symbol for Peace
Chinese Symbol for peace: Description and 16 Different Pictures of the Character

Chinese Symbol for Strength
Chinese Symbol for strength: Description and 14 Different Pictures of the Character

Taiwan Wedding Traditions and Gifts
We are coming to attend our son's wedding banquet in June. What would be considered appropriate gift/gifts for USA parents of the groom to give to ...

Food and Restaurants

Amazing Taiwan Food - What to Eat in Taiwan
What people eat in Taiwan? Is Taiwan food the best in Asia? What is the real Taiwanese cuisine? Here is my personal experience ...

The Double Happiness Cakes of Our Engagement in Taiwan
Double Happiness cakes are an important part of Traditional Chinese Weddings in Taiwan.

Top 10 of Chinese Desserts in Taiwan!
Chinese Desserts are a lot! Here are the 10 most known (and eaten) Chinese Desserts in Taiwan.

Winter Melon Tea - Dong Gua Cha
Does dong gua cha (winter melon tea) count as a popular taiwanese beverage?

Taiwan Restaurant - ours and yours!
Our Favorite Taiwan Restaurant. Add Yours!

Taichung Restaurants - our favorite dining places
Taichung restaurants we like. Taiwan food is superb and Taichung restaurants are no exception.

Light Taste Hakka Restaurant - Taichung
Light Taste offers both traditional Hakka dishes and western food. We tried the Hakka ones. Hakka cuisine is quite popular in Taiwan ...

Palio Pizzeria Italiana - Taichung
Even if I am an italian, I don't miss Italian food at all when I am in Taiwan ...

Li Lai Ju Vegetarian Restaurant Taichung
Simply said, Li Lai Ju is among the best vegetarian restaurants in Taichung and one we wholeheartedly recommend ...

Dumplings and xiaolongbao in Taichung at Jao Jan Feng
This is by far our favorite dumplings restaurant in Taichung. Years ago I have been told the owner learned his skills in the famous Dingtaifung ...

Tian Tian Jian Mian - Noodles Every Day - Taichung
This is one of the restaurants that are currently riding high in Taichung. We have come on a Monday for lunch and we had to wait for a table, if only ...

Samwongarden Korean Restaurant - Taichung
Likely the best korean restaurant in Taichung and one of the best in all Taiwan - ask Korean expats that come here to dine even from Taipei!.

Ming Garden Japanese Restaurant - Taichung
Ming Garden japanese restaurant is hidden apart in a very quiet road very close to Taichung Harbour Road and to Mitsukoshi department store ...

Xiong Jia Pork Knuckle Restaurant - Kenting
This restaurant is not exactly in Kenting but close to Chechen, on the National Road N. 26, close to the river...


Taiwan Shopping - beautiful things to buy in the Beautiful Island
An essential guide to Taiwan Shopping with tips about what, where and how to buy in Taiwan.

Traditional Chinese Clothing in Taipei
I am looking for traditional taiwanese dresses, where can I buy them in Taipei ...

Franz Porcelain
Where can I find Franz porcelain for sale?

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Taiwan Travel Experience Blog
What's new on Taiwan Travel Experience. Updates and News ...

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