There are only a few Taroko Gorge hotels, so the choice is quite easy

Here's our experience ...

I've been in Taroko Gorge hotels 3 times so far. The first time we stayed in a hotel in Hualien. This is not strictly speaking a Taroko accommodation, anyway I do not even remember the name - was not bad though.

The second and third time, in 2008 and 2009, we lodged at the Grand Formosa Taroko, the best hotel in Taroko Gorge, that is now called Silks Place.

Lets see about Taroko Gorge Hotels:


Silks Place (ex Grand Formosa Taroko)

Outdoor spas at Silksplace Outdoor spas at Silksplace Taroko - the view on the forest across the river is really like that

Silks Place is the only 5 stars hotel in Taroko Gorge.

The rooms are large, especially the bathroom, and have a balcony. The best rooms are those opposite the entrance, overlooking the river Liwu and facing the jungle on the opposite bank.

There are two restaurants: a buffet restaurant that costs about 500-600 NTD (12~15 € - 16~19 $) per person, a Chinese restaurant, a la carte, a little more expensive.

There are swimming pools, one rooftop and one indoor, a spa and various other little amenities.

The first time we stayed at the Grand Formosa we had a really good time: we spent about 5000 NTD (120 € - 160 $) for a double room including breakfast.

At that time, in the year 2008, the food served at the buffet restaurant was outstanding, a lot of different dishes prepared with fresh local ingredients, superbly cooked.

We returned the next year and we spent less: 4000 NTD (95 € - 125 $). This time room was not overlooking the river, instead the inner courtyard.

We still had a good stay and we found brand new dining rooms.

Unfortunately the quality of the food had changed too, but for the worse. We especially felt the buffet restaurant was really so-so, for sure not at the level of a 5 stars hotel.

Silks Place provides maps, guides and shuttle bus for excursions.

I hope that after the renovation the rooms have retained the character of the Grand Formosa.

The rates seem to have increased (at least NTD 7.000 for a double room), but I think, as usual in Taiwan, it all depends on availability. If you call and ask the rates could be lower.

We have good memories of the Grand Formosa Taroko. It is a "small" 5 star hotel, built in a beautiful area (the photos you can see on their website are not exaggerated!). This hotel serves as a "base camp" for exploring Taroko Gorge and spend relaxing evenings. Come with the right company or otherwise a good book ...

I hope however that the quality of food have increased: it could be ...

Here you can find many additional reviews and check the current rates.

Silks Place
Tel: +886 (0)3 8691155
Web Site:

Grand Formosa Taroko Grand Formosa Taroko - (Photo by Sanbeiji - Licence)

Tiansiang Youth Activity Center

We've never been here but I always heard that is good value for money among Taroko Gorge hotels.

It is recommended by all the guides that remark the cleanliness and convenience..

This youth hostel offers a wide choice of accommodation from dorms to double rooms with bath (from 650 to 3000 NTD).

See their simple but informative site in English with pictures and room rates.

You can also eat here: set menu for 180 NTD (4.40 € - 5.70 $).

Tiansiang Youth Activity Center
Tel: +886 (0)3 8691111
Web Site:

Catholic Hostel

The budget choice in Tiansiang is the Catholic Inn.

We were not even here.

It is ok as well, i heard that is neat, a little bit "aged" maybe.

The choice range from to dorm rooms to double rooms, with balcony. Rates from 250 NTD (6 € - 8 $) for the dormitory.

A set of pictures.

Catholic Inn
Tel: +886 (0)3 8691122

Protestant Youth Hostel

Looking for informations for writing this page I found that even the Protestant Church in Tienhsiang provides its own hostel ...

I have no information about except these pictures ... from an Italian girl.


Leader Village Hotel

The Leader Village Hotel in Buluowan for many is the most attractive among taroko Gorge hotels.

We had a visit here in the early July of 2009, just after the eclipse..

As I said we had a room at the Grand Formosa but we had read about Buluowan in a magazine about Taiwan national parks so we wanted to have a look.

The Leader Village Hotel is located on the upper terrace of Buluowan. In a bright sunny morning, the place looked fantastic.

Bulowan is a large meadow with green mountains behind, overlooking Taroko valley.

We took some photos around, we went to the main building with the reception and the restaurant.

The buffet breakfast looked good - actually better that the breakfast we had in the Grand Formosa.

The rooms are actually wooden cabins with a nice porch. The whole resort is built in wood and decorated with sculptures.

The history of Buluowan is interesting.

About 100 years ago Buluowan was one of the most important villages of Truku aboriginals. When the Japanese "pacified" the area they forced them away.

Then Chiang Kai-shek had built a village here for his veterans, later abandoned..

The Leader Village was built following the constrains imposed by the National Park. It was opened in 2004 by a visionary taiwanese entrepreneur.

Almost all the hotel employees are local aboriginals.Aboriginal, Some are returned from the city to work here.

The same employees entertain the hotel guests with songs and dances.

We liked Buluowan, we'll probably stay here next time.

Also, the travellers reviews from Tripadvisor are mostly extremely positive.

Leader Village Hotel
Add: NO 231-1 Fu Shih Village,Hsiulin,Hualien,Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: +886-3-861-0111
Web Site:

Some pictures about the Leader Village Hotel:

Leader Village Buluowan - Taroko Leader Village Buluowan - Taroko Gorge Hotels

Hotels near Taroko Gorge

There are several hotels outside the area of the National Park.

We noticed quite a number along Fushi Rd, just before the arch marking the entrance in Taroko National Park, and quite close to the Visitor Center.

Be aware that the area does not look as nice as inside the National Park .. but it can be interesting, especially if other Taroko Gorge hotels are fully booked.

And some of these hotels seem nice too: have a look at the Yuxinyi Inn.

Beside Taroko Gorge hotels, I found that a great resource for the whole area is Tripadvisor page about B&B and Inns in Hualien.

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