Tian Tian Jian Mian - Noodles Every Day - Taichung

by Luca

Noodles Every Day - Taichung

Noodles Every Day - Taichung

Noodles Every Day - Taichung Chengdu Hot Lamien

This is one of the restaurants that are currently riding high in Taichung. We have come on a Monday for lunch and we had to wait for a table, if only for a few minutes, since people was queuing.

Tian Tian Jian Mian is a modern and simple restaurant, the service is friendly and a little bit basic, similar to Dintaifung style.

As in that famous restaurant in Taipei, the focus is on food quality and preparation and convenience.

Noodles Every Day's signature dish is, of course, noodles.

The two young laoban (owners), already professional cooks, have spent a whole year in Lanzhou, in China's Gansu province, in order to learn the art of la mian from the masters.

Lamian are hand-pulled Chinese noodles. They come from Northwest China, from Lanzhou. From there they spread to Japan where they are called ramen, and are one of the most characteristic dishes of the japanese cuisine.

The two young chefs have learned so well, working 15 hours a day in the harsh weather of Lanzhou, that they already had to enlarge the restaurant. More, they received a very good review from the national magazine "Business Weekly".

The noodles are really handmade in the same restaurant everyday, when it is less crowded (opening hours 11.00 AM to 21.00 PM). If you eat at those times you can witness the la mian skillful preparation.

We ate very well with some starters, superb hot spicy la mian from Sichuan, golden dumplings (sweet potato dumplings with a bamboo shoots filling), hot and sour soup and some very good sweets from Northern China, called xin tai ruan - too tender hearts, made with dates and glutinous rice.

We ate for 450 NTD for two (11 ? ~ 14 $).

The restaurant also serves dumplings, cakes and pies typical of Northern China.

Tian Tian Jian Mian (Noodles Every Day)
126, Dadun 12th Rd, Taichung City
tel: 04-23271188

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